DOE Zero Energy Ready Home PV-Ready Checklist

The builder is responsible for verifying these requirements. Additional information and table can be found at PV-Ready Checklist.


  • There is no existing PV system AND the home is not served by a community solar system.
  • Zip code has a least 5 kWh/m2/day average solar radiation. Determine this at
  • There is no significant natural shading (ie. trees, tall buildings on the south facing roof).
  • House has minimum free roof area within +/- 45◦ of true south

This table shows the minimum roof area that must be with +/- 45 degrees of True South based on conditioned floor area in the house to require the PV-Ready checklist.


  • Designate proposed array location and square footage on architectural diagram.
  • Identify orientation of proposed array location.
  • Identify inclination of proposed array location.
  • Provide core-compliant documentation of the maximum allowable dead load and live load ratings of the existing roof.
  • Provide architectural drawing of solar PV system components.
  • Install a 1” metal conduit for the DC wire run from the designated array location to the designated inverter location.
  • Install a 1” metal conduit from designated inverter location to electrical service panel.
  • Install and label a 4’X4’ plywood panel area for mounting an inverter and balance of system components or clearly not area designated in system documentation.
  • Install a 70-amp dual pole circuit breaker in the electrical service panel for use by the PV system.