Certified HERS Ratings

It's in our name because this is our bread 'n butter. HERS stands for Home Energy Rating System. A Home Energy Rating involves onsite inspections and an analysis of a home's construction plans. A software tool, Ekotrope, is used to perform an energy model of the home's initial design and the final as-built conditions. The HERS rating results in a Certificate and with an index (like a score) that shows how your home performs.

We will provide insights on your thermal boundary and HVAC design

Whether your goal is to just pass energy code, or to achieve a 0-energy home, we will provide you with recommendations and suggestions to most cost effectively meet the project goals.

**HERS Ratings include all energy code and rebate program administrative requirements. 

What is a HERS Rating?

1: Pre Construction :  Introductory meeting, preliminary HERS rating from plans, review of results, technical support.

2: During Construction site visit  - Insulation and duct inspection, air-barrier checklists (if required), continued technical support.

3: Post Construction site visit - Visual inspection and diagnostic testing, HERS certificate is generated, administrative requirements completed for incentive programs.

Visit here for more descriptions of HERS Ratings from RESNET.

Our process is streamlined and without hidden fees

We use tools such as Sketchup and mobile forms to complete the energy model for your project. We understand that as the project is built, there will likely be deviations from the original design.

Sketchup enables us to accurately and efficiently update the energy model through the building process.  Unlike other HERS raters that charge extra if your plans change, we don't because we can very efficiently make the changes.  

We maximize your rebates

The Massachusetts and Connecticut rebate programs require a certified HERS rating. We will handle all of the paperwork and will communicate clearly to ensure you receive the maximum rebates available. 

Multi -family and 3+ single family projects

Pricing is greatly reduced and is custom to each project.  email your plans for a quote. Pricing can be as low as $500/unit.