Average 2015 Massachusetts HERS Index is 56

RESNET just released some interesting data from 2015. 

190,000+ homes in the US were HERS Rated and issued a HERS Index Score in 2015. This represents a 30% increase over 2014. 

This is an impressive number and is a clear indicator that there is not only traction for higher performance buildings ('green' is dead imo), but that the real estate market is responding to homes that are HERS rated. 

In Massachusetts, there were 5,693 rated homes, 806 more than in 2014. The average index was 56, (down from 63 in 2014).

This should relieve those concerned with the 2015 IECC code that Massachusetts will adopt in 2016. (I detail code changes here) .  The draft MA revisions to the 9th edition, will require that new homes built in Stretch Code communities receive a HERS index of +/- 55. This is a decrease from the current levels of 70 and 65.

The increase of HERS Ratings in Massachusetts in 2015, with an average index of 56, demonstrates that achieving that level of performance is not exceedingly taxing to the industry. The market can bear this level of efficiency and energy codes don't pain builders much. The data released by RESNET should help move the BBRS to adopt the 2015 IECC and Stretch Code provisions.