$750 rebate for ductless minisplits

MassCEC's Clean Heating and Cooling program is extended...through 2020!

This rebate program is designed to incentive the adoption of heat pump technology in Massachusetts. The best part is that these rebates can be 'piggy backed' on top of the popular rebates available through the Mass Save New Homes (new construction) and Mass Save Home Energy Services (existing homes) programs. 

Efficient homes often don't need large heating/cooling delivery systems

With appropriate design and a skilled builder, a building with an efficient envelope can be heated and cooled with point-source ductless minisplits. This is becoming increasingly popular in the high performance new construction sector.  

A list of heat pump systems eligible for this expanded $750 rebate can be found here

2012 IECC and 2015 IECC building codes are steering builders away from conventional systems

New building codes require that ducts outside of conditioned space be very well sealed. This is a challenge for some builders and HVAC contractors. Removing ducts from the equation, and improving the building envelope, ensures the home will pass energy code since there are no duct!  Heat pumps can also be integrated in a central ducted delivery system, which does trigger the need for a duct leakage test. 

Save on the heating and cooling systems and invest in the envelope.

The rebates help reduce the installed cost of efficient systems so that it is practical to spend more on the envelope (insulation, airsealing), reducing the heat and cooling capacity. Ductless minisplits are also 'plug and play' - they are relatively easy to install. 

HERS Ratings (and HERS raters) love minsplits

The software that calculates HERS ratings and the Mass Save New Home program rebates, love heat pump technology. Using this technology will improve modeled energy performance of the home. (Note that proper point-source heating/cooling system design requires proper volumes and interior spacial relationships of the home. In other words, design the layout to meet the needs of the equipment, and vice versa. )

HIS & HERS Energy Efficiency can help you design these systems

Although we're not heating system installers, we see a lot of projects that use heat pump technology. We have a good sense of what works and what doesn't. We include support and consulting with our HERS rating service.  

Learn more about the expanded Massachusetts Clean Energy Center rebates here