HEAT Loan expanded for deeper measures

Great news for homeowners who are ready to implement an energy retrofit. 

The Mass Save 0% financing program, called the HEAT Loan, is being expanded for a limited time to include energy efficiency measures that go beyond the standard Mass Save program.  

Simply put, this means that if you want to implement a quality retrofit measure that includes high R-values, spray foam insulation, or any other approved measure that goes 'beyond' the Mass Save standards,  you can now finance your project at 0%.  

The ‘standard’ Mass Save program has some limitations that make it impractical for folks to achieve high energy performance results in some applications. For instance, the program does not comprehensively address basement or rim band insulation or advanced air sealing. Also, the program does not incentivize (and often dis-incentivizes) high attic R-values.  These limitations are unfortunate, especially as building codes are quickly evolving to raise new construction energy performance standards.

 With this limited expansion of the HEAT Loan, there is an opportunity to design a major retrofit according to what is best for your home and then leverage the utility subsidized financing to help pay for it.  

As the excerpt from the announcement below shows participation in the DER program is required. This is not for everyone, yet is a great goal to shoot for. (See my post on the new DER program here). The reference to "Deeper Energy Savings" initiatives is vague.... what initiatives are these and where can we find out more? 

Interestingly, biomass pellet boilers are added.  The loan amount for deeper measures is up to $50k. 

Interestingly, biomass pellet boilers are added.  The loan amount for deeper measures is up to $50k. 


If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, I highly suggest working with a Mass Save Home Performance Contractor, a contractor/designer on the DER list (like HIS & HERS) . As with any program, there are significant administrative processes that require patience and proper guidance. 

Hooray for Massachusetts!  Hopefully the Mass Save program will continue to expand it's incentive offerings to support deeper energy savings projects. 

See here for the official announcement and more details.